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The integral forged camshaft with cam lobes shaped and hardend to control the timing of injection and the intake and exhaust cycle and it also determines the firing order of the cylinders through spacing of lobe lifts. It functions to provide proper fuel injection, cylinder scavenging and controls stress of valve opening and closing.



 SE  3049024  Camshaft
 SE  3025518 Camshaft
 SE  3026975 Camshaft
 SE  3042568  Camshaft
 SE  3801668 Camshaft
 SE  3044767 Camshaft
 SE  4025955 Camshaft
 SE  3800855 Camshaft
 SE  3801307 Camshaft
 SE  3801308  Camshaft
 SE  3026541 Camshaft
  SE  3026542 Camshaft
 SE  4084750 Camshaft
 SE  4084751 Camshaft
 SE  4073133  Camshaft
 SE  4073134 Camshaft
 SE  3070837 Camshaft
 SE  3070838 Camshaft
 SE  163880 Camshaft
 SE  163930  Camshaft
 SE  4083950 Camshaft
 SE  4083951 Camshaft
 SE  4084752 Camshaft
 SE  4084753 Camshaft
 SE  3801020  Camshaft
 SE  3801021 Camshaft
 SE  3070840 Camshaft
 SE  3070841 Camshaft
 SE 3066877  Camshaft(207770)
 SE 3066882  Camshaft
 SE  3076767 Camshaft
 SE 3062076 Camshaft
 SE 3062077 Camshaft
 SE 3066885 Camshaft
 SE  3066884  Camshaft
 SE  3066894 Camshaft
 SE  3066895 Camshaft
 SE  3006298 Camshaft
 SE  3006299 Camshaft
 SE  3074305  Camshaft
 SE  3074304 Camshaft

*Note:- "The list is exhaustive, please contact for any other Engine Model Spare with other part number or description"

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